The „Failed to Obtain IP Address” problem while connecting to the wifi network on devices with Android

I decided to extend and empower my wifi network. To my existing network, I attached a new Asmax N300RS router as an access point. Router’s configuration went quite smoothly.

Unfortunately, there was a problem „Failed to Obtain IP Address” while connecting mobile device with Android 8.0 to the wifi router.

Initially, I thought there was a problem with the router. But it turned out that the problem lied elsewhere. I was able to connect with the wifi router from PC with Windows 10 and other mobile devices with Android 5 and 6.

There are a bunch of reasons which may cause that problem.

I tried a few times to forget network option but unfortunately, it didn’t help me to solve the problem (press and hold for a second network icon and choose “Forget network” option).

Here are ways to deal with this problem that worked for me:

  1. Turn on “Airplane mode” for several seconds and then turn it off
  2. Reboot your mobile device and router
  3. Assign a static IP address to your mobile device.
    In order to do that:

    1. In Setting choose Wifi
    2. Press for a second on network’s icon you want to connect
    3. Check “Show advanced options”
    4. Change the IP settings from DHCP to Static
    5. Enter IP address (np.
    6. Choose „Save” and check if your Android’s device manages to connect to the Wifi network.