How to change direction of the extended monitors in Windows 10

In order to change direction from right to left (default setting is from left to right) we have to do following steps:

1. On a blank area of desktop just right click and choose option “Display settings”

2. On the screen “Display settings” you should see your monitors connected to your PC.

You can check which monitor is which by clicking “Identify” button. There will appear numbers on each monitor for a few seconds.
For example, numbers for three monitors connected to a PC:

3. You can now set direction of your monitors simply by click and drag the right monitor and move it to the left side and release the button of the mouse.

Change the order by moving second monitor to the left before the first monitor.

Change the order by moving third monitor to the left before first monitor.

The position of the monitors should be changed and you will be able to move the mouse pointer between monitors in direction from right to left.

4. At the and If you don’t want to use your first monitor you can choose “Second screen only” option and switch to use only your extended monitors.