My name is Thomas Gibulski and I warmly welcome you to my website.
I have been working in the computer software industry for over a dozen years.
Over the years I have been involved in programming, project development and implementation of IT solutions.

While still at engineering studies, I joined a group of programmers creating an ERP system, which I still co-create. During this period of time, I also co-created an extensive production program created for the client that meets the specific requirements of his industry.

My latest projects are related to the service department and service technicians working in the field.
I have developed a desktop application “Service Manager” used by service coordinators and a mobile application “Serviceman” used by service technicians.

On my website, I plan to post entries about programming, technology, software, and useful tools.
I hope you will find it useful 🙂

Contact details:
LinkedIn Profile
email: tomasz@gibulski.com