Start Windows in Hypervisor mode and without Hypervisor mode

In order to run Windows 10 in the hypervisor mode or without it, we can add a new option to the system’s bootloader, which will allow us to run the system:

  • in the hypervisor mode to run virtual machines in Hyper-V
  • with the Hypervisor mode turned off allowing the start of the HAXM engine used by Google’s virtual machines.

To add an additional boot option to the multi-boot setup, follow the steps below. 

  1. Run the command line in administrator mode (“Run as administrator”):


2. Enter and run the command:

bcdedit /copy {current} /d “Microsoft Windows 10 – no hypervisor”

This command will create a new option to run the “boot entry” system, give it an ID and description.


3. Enter and run the command:

bcdedit /set {identifier returned in the previous command} hypervisorlaunchtype off

bcdedit /set {4c5b8917-f160-11e7-9437-9d9f3382403d} hypervisorlaunchtype off

This command will disable the hypervisor mode in the new startup option created in the previous step

Entry distinguished by number 2, which was added in previous steps


4. Finally, you can set the option to be selected by default when Windows starts:

bcdedit /default {identifier returned in the previous command}

bcdedit /default {4c5b8917-f160-11e7-9437-9d9f3382403d}